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At home in Italy

Like all good Italians I have the standard three plus a family name to my credit. My name is Leda Maria Gabriella Sannino. I was born (1960) in Italy raised in the Middle East graduated from an American University. This  may be some of the reasons I enjoy talking about politics the Internet and starting a revolution. After getting my BA in Communication I decided to do what I love most and that was talking and cooking… So I opened a Cafe. After 5 years of running this Cafe in SF I got  C.T.S. It was then that  I dove into the dot.com in the early 90’s the rest is history.

I fancy myself as an Italian rocker, rebel and SEO geek. I love online marketing. I love thinking of new ways to get my clients visible. I love singing in the shower and keep a notepad next to my bed. I wish I could say something earth shattering and enlightening, but I am not that creative on the spot. Give me some time I may surprise you.

Now a little more about Urban SEO. It was brought into being as a place to dig in the dirt of optimization. Optimizers, copywriters, coders and submitters are all welcome to add their two-cents about SEO, SEM and everything in between. Eventually I will invite different SEO/SEM marketers to join this blog. I want to see everything out there maybe you are interested let me know.

While I don’t use this blog to sell my services, I am available for consulting and/or training opportunities with any business or individual that wants some help doing business better online. Contact me and let’s open the discussion


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