The Dark Side of SEO Copywriting – A Dose of Reality Rant

by jrpittman on July 23, 2010 · 4 comments

Dark Side of Real estate

Dark Side of Real estate

In providing SEO copywriting, it’s imperative that you research the subject. We’ve talked about this in countless numbers of articles here at the Article Archive. Most of the time, the job is simply to research and relay the information in a way that the client’s target market can understand. SEO copywriting has a dark side, however.

Over the past several months, I’ve been researching and writing SEO-based content for the real estate industry. The client likes upbeat, perky articles. Three or four years ago, this wasn’t a problem, but then the real estate bubble burst. While researching, I’ve found out more information than I ever wanted to know about buying and selling a house – and therein lies the topic of this rant.

The dark side of SEO copywriting, from the copywriter’s point of view, is sometimes you have to find the loopholes in information to write the type of articles your client wants. For instance, a bright side in real estate is the mortgage rates are lower than they’ve ever been. That’s the story, and, for the client, I’m sticking to it.

The dark side is that banks want 20% down payment or more if you don’t have private mortgage insurance, 10% or more if you do. Credit scores have to be 670 or above. After years of giving credit and loans to whoever walked through the doors, the banks are finally dotting i’s, crossing t’s and, in short, making it hard to get a home loan. The dark side of the story is that it’s not a buyer’s or a seller’s market; it’s a stalled market.

It’s time for a dose of reality, people. The real estate market is dark and gloomy! Job security is shaky, the national unemployment rate is still at 9% or more, housing prices are dropping and more foreclosures are slamming the still staggering market. Sellers aren’t selling and many potential buyers can’t get past the red tape to buy. On top of all this, more sellers are actually putting their homes on the market because, for some unknown reason, they think now is a good time to sell.

Now, I know that some sellers don’t have a choice but to put their house up, for many reasons. As well, I’m not an economist or financial guru; I’m just an SEO and coding geek. However, I can look at statistics, read the information and put two and two together, and I have to ask the sellers that do have a choice…

With an already glutted market, why are you trying to sell your house? Why are you pricing it above its value? How can you think it would make the home more attractive in a day and age where foreclosures are the best deals?

Do you know who’s buying up most of the American real estate? The government, which is now the biggest real estate owner, investors and people from overseas – not, as the reports might seem to tell you, the average Joe American with 2.5 kids and a dog.

The Reality of the Situation

You know, “money makes the world go ‘round” is a quote used so often that it’s lost its meaning. However, money really does make the world go ‘round. Why aren’t job markets improving? Because Americans are worried they’ll lose their own paychecks so, instead of spending, we’re stockpiling. We’re saving every dime. Therefore, companies that don’t sell products can’t afford to pay wages and employees are laid off.

We’re a consumer society, though, and in a consumer society, you have to consume; you have to buy things to keep it going. Am I suggesting that you blow your savings and paycheck? No, but I am saying that if you don’t pay the economy, the economy can’t pay you.

It’s time for a mind-change based on “wants” and “needs”. For instance (and back to the original topic), if you don’t need to sell your home, don’t. On the other hand, if you’re still using a rotary phone because it’s serviceable, it’s time for an upgrade. Plain and simple, money has to trickle up before it can trickle down.

In regards to the dark side of SEO copywriting, well, putting the best face on things is part of the job – and I’ll continue to do that job to meet client needs. However, I ask that you keep in mind who is writing whatever you’re reading. Most bits of information are biased for or against a topic. Research and get both sides of the story before making decisions that affect your family, your job and your life.

End of rant. Do you agree? Disagree? Feel free to add your own rant to the discussion!

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