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by Gabriella on April 9, 2010 · 5 comments

Whatcha doing?

Whatcha doing?

It’s been several weeks since I last did a list of Follow Friday favorites. Now, I realize that a lot of people think this is a waste of time, and to some it may very well be. The way I see it, though, it’s my small and humble way to help the thousands of readers joining Twitter every day by sharing the best of the best on Twitter. I’m sure you’ve noticed – on Twitter, they now give you a list of top tweets. How they come up with those, I’m still not sure, but I do know that it’s a Twitter “verified account” and it follows everyone. Therefore, you can go through their list. However, I doubt the verified account is actually engaging with those on the list or giving the sense of a real connection (who can engage with millions of users?).

Since I first signed on to Twitter, I’ve gathered tons of great resources and great people to follow. I’ve had some laughs and even done business through Twitter. I can’t tell you how many inspirational stories I’ve read that I might not otherwise have ever come across. They’ve made me cry; they’ve pushed me to make a change. Okay, so it may not seem like much to some people, but sooner or later, you start to realize that it’s the small things in life that make a difference to the big things. There’s no doubt in my mind that the people on these Follow Friday lists are among the best resources, the nicest people and the most engaging!  On to the Follow Friday list:

@jrpittman I have to start this list with one of my favorite persons on Twitter. She is not on there often since I keep her busy with work lolol. But I would be a fool to think I can run Level 343 without her. She is an amazing writer, editor, mother, and friend. Her bio reads “Mother, site administrator, SEO copywriter, project manager – constantly running” No need to explain why you should follow her other than she gets it even though she won’t admit it.

@lizstrauss Liz Strauss needs no introduction from me. She had me at hello, what an amazing social media mentor. Am I putting it on thick? No I am really genuinely impressed with her credentials and she has them. If you know me you know, I am not easily impressed. Unlike a lot of the “other” women that have achieved fame from the Internet she is still approachable and connects with every day people. That’s what makes her so amazing. Her bio reads “Founder of SOBCon, brand strategist, It’s only fun when it’s brilliant strategy, high return, AND connects customers in a meaningful way.” I don’t need to recommend this woman only to say Liz thanks for being part of my Twitter feed.

@lateaserikard what an amazing connection this has been. She is always there to support you with RT including actually having conversation in 140 characters Her bio on twitter reads “Blogging what I know about social media. App developer on Facebook.” But don’t let that business exterior fool you. This woman has had her hardships in life and still make every day an awesome day. Don’t wait. Follow her now.

@italofileblog I recently started following Melanie Renzulli. & I have to tell you I am thrilled to have found another American who loves my country. Her bio reads “Italy travel tweets and more. Visit my website at or visit to connect!” It’s all about connection and sharing her adventures in the boot. Her website is an amazing gift to those who want to see Italy from a local point of view. Go ahead you know you want to follow her.

@seobelle the name says it all. That sounds sexist I know but, she is bella and does SEO… her real name is Sadie Sherran.  Some people would ask why would you follow your competition? Well I don’t see it that way; I see it as a woman I respect in the industry. Her links & knowledge are apparent. Her bio reads “Girly, purple, a little bit geeky I like Crisps and all things SEO/SEM” Her conversations and links are always spot on. The fact she is across the pond will keep me updated on what the UK is doing. A definite Follow any day.

@GRPasswater George is one hell of a guy. He is engaging, smart and a lovely man. His bio reads; “Owner – @PasswaterMedia. Special Needs Dad – @DadWritings. Entrepreneur. Writer. Blogger. Technologist. Consultant. Mac geek . Animal lover.” You can imagine he is not shy about connecting. George is one of the few people on Twitter I can always count on to help me pass out great links. One last thing about George he never forgets to say good morning. How can you not follow that type of energy? Positive all the way.

@Nylons I have been following Nancy Lyons for some time and have always admired her interactions. It wasn’t until recently I found out she is an American that would love to retire in Italy. Her Bio read  “Boss of Clockwork, Geek Girl, Mom. Partner. TechEvangelist. public speaker. I try to bring the funny.” From what I have seen and read she is immersed in what she loves to do. That in itself is refreshing with a wonderful attitude.

@Jane_Howitt Jane is another great woman I have been connecting with. She has helped me with my efforts of starting a #Honoring Women Wed on Twitter. To some it may seem silly but to me that’s how important connecting is. Her bio reads “Internet communicator: copywriter, Social Media disciple and Trainee Encyclopedia. Oh, and in love with Macs” Something about mac lovers we seem to buzz around each other.

@imrogb I met Roger Byrne while he was living in Egypt. He is smart, funny, and full of great ideas. He is one of the few Twitter personalities that get’s it. He is humble without being cocky (too much) he is generous with his time and most importantly he knows about Social media. His bio reads “ Social Media, Advertising, Photography & Design, sharing inspiration. English but currently sprechen sie deutsche in Leipzig, Germany.” He does not need my help get more followers…He has close to 20K, that in itself ought to tell you something.

@RyderMedia Erika Kristen is a great find. I have been following her for sometime and to be honest with you it was an instant connection for me. Her links are no nonsense, but that’s not to say she does not have some funny links. Her ability to handle her business successfully is one of the reasons you should follow her. Her bio is simple but clear it reads “Social Media/PR 2.0 Specialists” She definitely understands relationships and is an awesome follow.

@PrayMaddyMcCann To be honest with you there is no name connected to this account but if you keep up with the news then you can never forget the story of this lovely child Maddy McCann. Her family has been through hell. When it comes to the opinion at large the world is paying attention. Will she be found? Who knows we can all hope that she is one of the lucky children out there. My reason for following this account was purely emotional to start. But when I see such love and effort by one person I cannot help but admire their tenacity and selfless act. The bio reads appropriately “I Follow Back! & List Back! ♥ I’m Helping Find Madeleine McCann! ~ Let’s Make a difference to our World! ~ (If you DM me please let me know by tweet!)” It’s apparent they are doing everything they can with the power of Social media.

@robsellen Rob Sellen is another passionate Social media enthusiast. We actually had quite the conversation on Twitter. He is very committed to his ideas, and is not afraid to disagree. His bio reads “A deaf father of two teenage sons! Blogger, stonemason, nice bloke! ;o)” Now that should tell you all you need to know. He is genuinely a nice guy and is not afraid to engage. So go ahead, start following him I am sure you will find his links valuable.

@24donne Monica D’Ascenzo is a wonderful, lovely, woman. She is Italian and it shows. Not only in her look but her love of politics, women’s issues and life discussions. Her bio reads “woman, journalist, mom, dreamer. Not necessarily in the same order.” Her generous links and passionate discussions about local events around Italy are my link to the Italian community. It helps that I think she is funny, and cute about her outlook on life and her children.

@Monicutza03449 From the day I started following Monica it has been amazing. She is funny, engaging and can keep you laughing with each of her RT’s. Personally I have known a few European women that understood my sudo American humor. She is real and down to earth. I love that. Her bio reads “Contradiction is my name: humanity, economy, India, US, Internet, opera, romance, cars, Holly/Bolly, Mozart, Nightwish, writer at times. Interested in ppl, not feeders.” Her links are always so refreshing, a must follow.

@SteveAkinsSEO Steve makes you want to hug a stranger. Seriously, this guy has such a kind face & disposition. I am always looking forward to his links. They are diverse, fun to read, and he is generous with his time. Now this guy gets it. Social networking is not about what you can get from someone, but what value you share with them. His bio reads “SEO, Developer, Entrepreneur, Struggling Poet :), Gastronome, Explorer” A high quality follow in my opinion.

If you love reading more great Follows here are the previous recommendations I wrote. If you want to share some of your great followers please let me know, and we can feature them in one of our on coming #Follow Friday list.


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