Follow Friday, not that complicated

by Gabriella on March 12, 2010 · 14 comments

"I Wasn't Born To Follow" by: sonja_pinion

"I Wasn't Born To Follow" by: sonja_pinion

I have stated in the past my Follow Friday list has to mean something to me. I wish I could spend more time looking into the reasons why and how I follow people but then I catch myself and think furgit about it. It shouldn’t be that complicated.

Granted, I don’t follow blindly anymore I actually do take the time to check people out. As a matter of fact stop wasting time with spammers on twitter. True Twit will validate your followers so you don’t have to. This little jewel of a tool has been very helpful in keeping the spam crap and bots off my twitter list.

I have never had a very strategic plan about why I follow people outside the obvious.

We. Connect.

But this is not about me and for the sake of starting my list and picking up where I left off here it is. My 1st, Follow Friday list 2010.

@ MARCOME what a pleasant breathe of fresh air. I have to be honest with you, I am not into what “New Age” music but I was pleasantly surprised. Her profile reads I’m a Canadian singer songwriter & musician. I do a mixture of pop world music mixed with new age, jazz & ambient voices. My name is pronounced Marko-may. I bet the fact she is so approachable, engaging and just down right the darling of social media with over 34,935 Followers has a lot to do with her charm. Then again her personality shines through a must follow if you aren’t already!

@linksgiving what can I say about him but a brilliant Italian, gentleman and yes geek suprimo! His profile is typically Italian (inside joke) it reads, Linksgiving Web Directory at Twitter. Alberto Rinaldi, its founder, is a computer, SEO, Internet marketing enthusiast, Web designer, yoga lover, and musician. How can you not be a geek when you manage and build a freaking directory?  Great conversations, and he is just adorable.

@BlondeByDesign Now there is a fresh approach to Twitter. Her profiles reads, An Evil person or situation may dominate time, but a Good Person or Positive Action Owns ETERNITY. Sounds earthy crunchy California? Sure, but she is wonderful strong woman as a matter of fact you can almost smell the sunshine. She is engaging, fun, witty, sexy, silly, and can hold her own in 140 characters!

@lookadoo this woman is generous with her time and knowledge. Her profile say’s it all it reads, SEO, User Engagement + all things Search support my Cycling habit. Let’s ride! … Launching in March – @YoYoSEO. We actually spent time on the phone talking about everything from SEO, to California. There is nothing better than connecting right off the bat. She has clocked years as an SEO professional, including most recently as the founder of @Yo!Yo! SEO Word-of-Mouth SEO – Optimize the Conversation. Something she is very proud of, a must follow to all.

@regalaffair hello Twitter, now this is a woman to follow! Sassy, smart, engaging and yes, has a lot of knowledge when it comes to connecting. Her profile is short and sweet Destination Wedding & Event Planning based out of Texas serving brides world wide. The fact I am not getting married any time soon still doesn’t stop me from enjoying great information check her out.

@casettadelborgo there are two reasons I followed this feed, they are in Italy, and they live in my house! Okay maybe not but my dream is to go back home and retire with a small B&B. If you love Italy or you want to discover it’s beauty start here. Check out their Villa in  Italy, you can’t resist booking your next vacation there. Their profile reads, Holiday Accommodation San Gimignano Holiday Apartment in Tuscany with private garden & pool in Resort Borgo la Fornace with SPA & Restaurant & Tennis. Don’t take my word for it start following them today.

@mwilton13 we have just recently started following each other. I have to admit for a young buccaneer he knows his links. Extremely engaging and very generous with his RT’s. He describes himself as Search Engine Marketer and Social Media junkie by day; Blogger and father by night. (I think that’s sweet) Friend to nature and striving to live green. The last part requires further study.

@sharonmostyn if you aren’t following this lady, then you must. Sharon is a valuable connection. She actually had someone from Miami call when I volunteered to go down to Haiti during the recent Earthquake. Now that’s Social media working right in front of my eyes. Her profile describes her as a Marketing mgt at MEDEX & Inbound Mktg Cert Pro – ecommerce (email, SEO/SEM, affiliate, social media), DRTV, online & offline media buying. That’s impressive!

@AngsCopywriting Something about Canadian writers invading the US. What a wonderful find. I met her through another group I joined a while back, and have enjoyed getting to know her. Her profile reads, Copywriter, Coach & Content Consultant who likes SEO, SM, business & marketing. Also a bookmark addict & (coffee) bean brat So yeah you guessed it she’s a brilliant writer and extremely gracious with her time.

@RedheadWriting No introduction needed for this firecracker. Wow, Zing, Biff, Bang, is all I can say… add sassy, sexy, deliciousness to her writing and you have one hell of a twitter feed. Almost as good as sex, well maybe not but a definite MUST follow. Her profile aptly reads, Writer, disruptive presence, devil’s advocate (the devil, on occasion), snarkmeister, hash tag abuser in a 10 step program because I can’t commit to 12.

@marketingintell this young lady is smart from head shot to links. When I do catch links they were always spot on. Her profile reads, CEO, Marketing Intelligently, LLC. Marketing consultant for small businesses. Personal branding expert. 20-year marketing vet, Brit abroad. If you know me then you can see the fact she is a Brit is already a passing grade for me!

@nicktadd I will admit I had to do a double take when I started following him I think the Mohawk threw me off.  Yes, he is a geek and very engaging, take a look at some of his video links. His profile reads, Landlord and exponent of technology to further learning and visibility… aka web geek! Fascinated by the optimisation of social media. Will follow back. At first you may think huh? Qu’est que c’est? No need to question, just follow you’ll see.

@smallbizanswers yes, I am a sucker for puppies especially cute ones. Don’t let that picture fool you, there is a pit bull of information under that soft brown exterior. Awesome links and great resources. The profile reads, Providing the best small business related stories from across the web. Tons of topics… profiles, sales, marketing, employees, finance, legal, social, etc. I will admit every link I have clicked I more often than not RT. The good thing is they are always informative.

@kjwelborn my list would not be complete without this wonderful woman. Granted we have worked and are still working together, but that’s not why you should follow her. Her profile says it all Marketing Consultant (TV, Film, Nonprofit, Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle) + Director of D/FW Multi-Cultural SIG, American Marketing Association. We are talking heavy hitters when it comes to positioning her clients. What are you waiting for?

@massimopaolini this gentleman is into analytics. This my dear readers is the golden grail of SEO. Granted half the time we have no clue what they are talking about, however if you follow him you’ll be a lot closer to figuring it out. His profile reads, Passions: web analytics, social media, public speaking, startups, bootstrapping, balanced life, leadership, family. A great addition to your follow list, and keep up with one of the best in the industry.

That’s it for now, I will try to do another 15 soon. By the way do you recognize any of these names? Tell us about them, what are your thoughts…


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