SEO and Blogging: Your Thoughts Can Bring You Traffic

by Gabriella on October 5, 2009 · 1 comment

pr_brain2You know the old saying “A penny for your thoughts”? It turns out that the sentiment is just as true online as it is in person – even more so, in fact. Your thoughts can bring you serious money by bringing more traffic to your website and raising overall sales. How is this so? The answer is in blogging.

A blog is an informal platform to share thoughts, ideas, opinions and information. At first, blogs were used by individuals more as online journals; the bloggers recorded day-to-day activities to share them with their friends. Now, however, blogs have turned into a marketing platform for businesses, products, events and ideas.

Blogging has taken over the social media world and has become one of the main market tables for shared information. There are many benefits to having a blog and using it for SEO purposes. Below is just a handful:

1. Greater Opportunity for Inbound Links: Blogs, unlike websites, more easily link to each other, creating more traffic within a network. They also connect many times to social news and social media websites. The more media, the better, creating greater opportunity for links back to your website.

2. Easy to Access URLs: Websites and blogs are found on search engines by what are known as spiders. These spiders look for URLs and content applicable to the search keywords. The more complicated a URL is, the harder it is to search for a spider. Fortunately, blogs typically come with less complicated, thus more crawlable URLs.

3. RSS Feeds: Blogs can link to RSS feed URLs that build up link popularity, especially if the RSS content is cited on other blogs. This all helps to boost traffic.

4. Fresh Content: Because blogs require regular maintenance and routine updates, fresh content will come (ideally) every couple of days. Search engines, as well as readers, reward fresh content with repeated visits. This brings more traffic, as well as boost crawlability.

5. Word-of-Mouth: A great blog gets talked about, and mentioned, and recommended, and reviewed. These non-tangibles are just as important as, and ultimately lead to, repeated visits, which show up as increased traffic. The more people talk about your blog, the better. The best thing a company or product can do is invest time and energy into an informative, up-to-date, sleek blog that will get people talking. More traffic is sure to come.

Blogging has become a stable method in SEO, and for good reason. A good blog works well. After all, your thoughts are still worth money. You might be surprised to find out just how much. So stop worrying about who is reading your blog. Just know with a good plan and strategy in place you can talk directly to your market.

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