So You want Google Ranking?

by Gabriella on August 17, 2009 · 2 comments

pr01Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about SEO I come back at you with more information. How do I do it? Well it’s called reading staying informed, being a geek and discussing the skinny on SEO.
So you want to get Google ranking? Then you have to be serious about links. Today I will discuss some of the ways to do that and a step-by-step scenario since some of you need some handholding. Now I am sure you know there are tons of ways to do this but I am sure I have mentioned I want to do this as free or as close to free as possible. Strap on the belt and read.

Top ways to get top Google ranking

  • Lets start by directory inbound linking. Basically Google liked those because it shows Google you have some weight with someone. Almost like an endorsement. I am sure you have seen the DMOZ. Org this is the Open Directory Project. As a matter of fact they power Google so how do you like that for endorsement.
  • When you get to the various directories make sure you link your site properly. There will be a Paid Submission, which we want to stay away from but in case you have a few bucks (most of us don’t) and for the sake of being thorough in this article I should mention it can cost around $300 (Yahoo Directory) up to a thousand dollars with other commercial sites that will review and then submit your link.
  • Next is the Free Submission. Yeah pretty amazing there is anything left Free on the Internet. But there are a few it will just take some time for you to find them or you can read my articles blogs and reap the benefits. So the big ones are going to be Google, Yahoo, AOL, Alexa,, Not necessarily in that order but as long as you include you link on those sites and make sure you place them in the right directory half your efforts will be taken care of. Just like anything else however make sure you go back and check in a couple of weeks.
  • Getting a featured link or paid link inclusion. Once again I have to mention all of the options. Basically this can be a paid inclusion or you can do an exchange of banner with some sites. Some are better than others and some will charge you some money. But if you know how to Shmoozle also known as Shmooze in other parts of the country you can get this done by sharing a page with some of your shmoozle efforts. (In case you don’t know what shmoozle is it’s scratch my back, scratch your back concept, some call it mafia, some call it politics, I call it shmoozle.)

I have discovered the top 5 Directories but now I have to get some work done therefore I cannot give them to you. But I promise you come back I shall give you the list and how to do it again. A step by step tutorial on how to gain ground in the World of Google ranking and all your SEO efforts.


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