Is Twitter worth your time?

by Gabriella on August 7, 2009 · 2 comments

twit7bSometimes I wonder where our society would be without all these social networking sites?  Would we have as much fun meeting new people from all over the world? Social networking sites have become more than just FB, Twitter, MySpace…They are the latest reason to meet and greet.

They are psychologically changing the way we interact. Social networking sites are an easy way to connect with friends that has a recommendation system linked to trust. Popular methods now combine many of these, with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. With that in mind I have been testing the waters in order to find the best way to use SM to benefit my business.

Since I have been using Twitter, I have learned about new technology and kept up with the latest news. This includes finding out that Michael Jackson died before it hit TV. That moment will be etched in my memory like all things monumental. “Watching” it happen in real time, the furor, the rumors and finally the truth, was as striking as the day JFK was shot. Both are days I will never forget.

Using Twitter has made me re-think how I do business. It has made me a better writer, has given me inspiration and forged new relationships. I have been meeting new people not only through #FF but, at the various meet-up, webinars, conferences etc. Therefore, picking and choosing who I follow or recommend is more than just another reason to blog, but a reason to make recommendations  based on value. I hope you find some new people on this list to follow.

@wearethecure Dedicated to helping dogs with cancer. How cool is that? I am a pet lover and to me they are the best friends a human can ever have.  Sure a lot will argue that humans are more important than pets, sometimes though I wonder who is better for you.
@tommytrc Tommy is one of those nice guy with some great links. He is generous with his information and is a Mac user… What’s not to like? Sure being a Mac user is becoming more common these days, but hey it’s still cool.
@ashevilleallie Allie is someone I started following recently. She is extremely engaging, funny, witty and from what I have seen a great personality.
@JRMoreau James is a great guy indeed. A great writer and thinker…He is genuine, real, down to earth, extremely creative and fun to chat with. We have actually had a conference with a client while he was stuck in traffic, now that was something interesting.
@the_gman Gerald doesn’t really need my recommendation you see he  is one of the heavy hitters on Twitter. Great information, always shares links and has a great blog. One more thing I wanted to add he is an all around nice cowboy from Texas.
@KindaHibrawi What can I say about Kinda Hibrawi, but she is brilliant. She describes herself as an Arab American painter, but from what I have seen she is so much more. Take a look at her artwork, there you can see she is rooted passionately in her country for inspiration. It helps that I lived in Beirut and have a special place in my heart for Syrians.
@LibertyLady77 Someone that quotes Jimmie Hendrix on their profile is a Rock star in my book. Bottom line is she is creative engaging and someone I would recommend.
@pullmarketer Paula is a lovely lady to follow. She is very professional in her posts and is extremely helpful with her links.
@phxazlaura Laura is extremely smart and engaging. I have been following her for sometime & I enjoy her links including her recommendations.
@trinaunz This lady loves social media… you can tell by the way she engages in topics, shares links, and is not afraid to ask questions.
@Iconic88 Watching him post is like reading a book of inspiration. Always positive, fun, smart, and spot on with his 140 characters. He is a definite personality on Twitter.
@BradleyRoss A PR man with lots of great marketing and PR links.  I enjoy sharing his links since I find them valuable I am sure you would too.
@chrisjohnston Chris is a genuinely nice Geek. Okay so he deals with real estate but he is really engaging, smart, funny… & as I recently found out lives in Metairie, LA. Maybe I will meet him at the next New Orleans Twitt-up.
@XceptN You can see his bio is impressive he works for Oracle Corp. and specializes in Linux, Xen, Oracle VM, OCFS2. Wow this is one extremely helpful, very engaging and knowledgeable.

As I was cleaning this post I was trying to make sure I had all the correct links. Guess what Twitter is down. Not something we enjoy. So rather than getting frustrated I wanted to share a link with everyone in case you do run into that problem. Here you can get any and all updates on why Twitter is down.

Her you can find the previous #FollowFriday list.


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