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by admin on July 17, 2009 · 7 comments

twitteranime2So here is my third list for #FollowFriday. These next 15 people are rare finds. Not only do I find them engaging and fun to watch but I actually see some great links coming through my feed. Please take a look and see for yourself. I have added their websites and words of wisdom via their name. Come back next Friday I am sure you will be on here… Okay if you aren’t then please give me a holla after all this is a great way to get some SEO for free (natural link building) ssshhh Don’t tell Google about this!

@zaifmand Always ready to share valuable information. He is always pleasant to talk to and a great source of information.
@leyla_a We have had some great DM’s in 140 characters or less. She is a wonderful writer & always shares wonderful information. She is very personable and a great thinker. It helps that I enjoy reading her blog.
@AceConcierge I don’t need to introduce this lady on Twitter she is already a Super Star . This lady is Virtual/Personal Assistant. She is definitely a great personality on Twitter. She shares, laughs, engages, and is always willing to discuss helping you.
@RuudHein Web publisher, WordPress geek, SEO geek. I have to admit this guy is funny, smart & a great guy to follow. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to your online presence. PS always seems to be offering virtual donuts & coffee what’s up with that am I missing something.:)
@PaulSegreto This man is into franchise marketing and a social media consultant.  I have been following him for sometime & I finally realized (after reading his links) what a great find he is. This guy actually knows what he’s talking about. Sure it helps he is Italian.
@AlanLHammond A golf enthusiast who always has a kind word to say. Engages with everyone and is always positive. His information is engaging, with factual information on health and fitness.
@toddmintz Has been a great source of information. An SEO, PPC, SEM geek like me… I cannot help but find his tweets fun to read.
@Cactus_Mandy Is a great find. She is an SEO Specialist who loves sharing information of value. We have had many laughs in DM including exchanging ideas about copywriting.
@briancarter I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised when I realized this guy can write. I always thought he was funny but didn’t realize how talented he was until I discovered a post he wrote.
@EcomBuffet A great gal. She knows SEO, Copywriting, Marketing & Web Design. A well-rounded funny smart lady.
@tinywook A lover of SEO, SEM, and another all around great resource for online marketing. My favorite thing about him is his love for “old” cameras.
@jagadeeshmp SEO Professional and Blogger. He is always ready to help you with an SEO question. Granted sometimes information is misunderstood but overall he is a great guy to follow and learn from.
@SEOptimizer A very sweet guy indeed. Always ready to share information about SEO/SEM. Has brought a smile to my face on more than one occasion, which is not an easy thing to do.
@millerian A busy guy from the UK. But always full of great information. I have had the pleasure of working with him. He is extremely creative and gives great direction.
@MathildaB This woman is funny & extremely creative. She has shared some great links and is a lover of animals. How can anyone refuse to follow her?

You can see My first list here then last weeks post is here. Seriously some great people to watch

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