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twitteranime2Now that I have become a regular on Twitter (almost a year), I’m compelled to jump on the #FollowFriday bandwagon. If you aren’t a regular on Twitter, then you probably don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Rather than give you another version of how Follow Friday started I will simply give you the link to read about it. We can all thank “Micah” for this #FollowFriday tradition.

I can remember my first #FollowFriday; I felt like a deer caught in headlights. What does the little “#” mean? What is #FollowFriday? All I saw were feeds that looked like this “#FollowFriday @firstname, @secondname, @anothernam”. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out the concept, but I couldn’t understand or reason why I should follow these recommendations.

We all want to participate and make a difference on Twitter. It’s a great tool, but I will admit the dynamic of using Twitter is not for everyone. Individuals to corporations use it in different ways, and not always for the best. Some get it, and use it as part of their online brand as an extension of their services, while others still see it as a waste of time, a slow sinking ship.

My favorite comment ever made about Twitter was by the creator, Jack Dorsey: “Twitter is intended to be a way for vacant self-absorbed egotists to share the most banal and idiotic thoughts with anyone pathetic enough to read them.” Granted he was talking about the civil unrest in Iran and I don’t want to misuse the quote… But it did strike me as funny since I have heard variations of that sentiment.

Like any new beginner, I was overwhelmed at how to do the whole #FollowFriday “thing”. I started searching for sites that would make the process easier. The Twitter Tag Project seemed to be the answer.

Easy enough right? You put in your Twitter user name/password and voila. The engine will scan the last 200 tweets, count the dupes, and return your most active friends. The results will display: #FollowFriday @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 @friend4…

Now, I’m not going to get into why you should or shouldn’t use The Twitter Tag project, or any tool that will automate the process (that’s for a later post). My intent here is to share with you, and hopefully continue sharing with you, my list for #FollowFriday.

I feel they deserve more than just 140 characters. To me, the recommendation should be of value not just to my followers, but to new people reading this post. Below is my first list. If you aren’t here this week, check back next week, since I’m only going to do fifteen per week. After all, I do have work to do.

  1. @monicakozak A wonderful smart funny woman. It helps that she is A VP of marketing at one of the hottest Public Relations companies online. I have to tell you she is extremely engaging, informative and a great leader.
  2. @julibarcelona I recently watched her interacting with a group of Chicagoans.  That is when I realized this woman is going to be fun to follow. She is the VP @Barcelona Creative Group. Always willing to ask questions and share valuable information. I enjoy all her links & information.
  3. @deanmeistr This guy is a visual problem solver. What is that? I had not clue until I got to know him better. We chatted while he “created” He is brilliant, and I hope to do some work with him someday soon.
  4. @elizabethonline What a great lady. She is extremely smart and committed to helping her students by helping them develop college application materials. She is funny & a rare find on twitter.
  5. @remarkablogger He is one of the first people I actually engaged with on Twitter. I was gun-shy back then but he was very laid back & really genuine. Extremely helpful, with online marketing, blogging, never a negative comment. Which is always refreshing.
  6. @anthonylujan This photographer is actually good. One of those diehard picked up a camera at eleven and has never turned back since. I can only imagine how much dedication it takes to get into such a competitive field.
  7. @mikefleming What a doll this guy is. Not only is he smart engaging and cute he actually adds value to my day. Part of the Chicago posy.
  8. @ArteWorks_SEO Here is a guy that actually appreciates Texas Longhorns. Not only does he have great information, about SEO, social media and online marketing but he like “Rick rolling” people. Nice to see some people have fun.
  9. @MyMelange Is a breath of fresh air. A great writer, photographer and bloger. She loves to travel and talk about food. The fact she goes to Italy every year has won me over.
  10. @brokerkathy A lovely lady to follow. She is a real Estate Broker in So Cal with a positive outlook on life. Full of energy & curiosity.
  11. @Nenad An entrepreneur, a coder, an adventurer, a visionary, a father, a husband is what his profile says. I personally have found him very engaging and a great guy to exchange links with.
  12. @ginidietrich A true Professional. She helps business owners with their Public relations needs. She is fun, smart, and a wonderful Twitter personality.
  13. @Lotay Here is another Jewel His company is raising awareness for, and providing grants, to non-profit organizations that serve one of the following core areas: Education, Environment, Healthcare, Global Development, and Poverty Relief.
  14. @igrafix A great lady who has become someone I go to for advise. She is a great graphic designer with an appreciation for everything creative. She shares great links and even better information. The fact she speaks Italian, German, & English helps.
  15. @ButtercupD a Super star in her own rights. Sure she works for someone famous on Twitter but guess what I would follow her regardless. She is very passionate about Social networking and it shows.

Tune in Next week for an update. You can see My first list here & then my third one

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