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by Gabriella on July 31, 2009 · 7 comments

twitteranime2Okay so if you are addicted to Twitter then you know what #FF (Follow Friday) on Twitter is all about. It’s been fun writing my #FF list, I think this is my fourth posting. You are probably thinking I should know how many I have posted since this is my blog. The problem is I have a list in word that’s 5 times as long as the ones I have already posted. Let me step back for a minute, that probably didn’t make any sense… Or maybe it did.

I keep thinking one day I will get through all the wonderful people I have in my Followers list. But what I have noticed is as weeks go by I am finding it difficult to add new people to this list. Not because I don’t have a great followers list to choose from but, because I keep removing names once I see certain posts. Let me explain, for those familiar with Twitter you have seen spammers on your feed. I used to add people as soon as they added me. It seemed easier than looking for people to follow.

Look you have your strategy I have mine. I stopped manually following everyone who followed me about 2 months ago. My reason was simple, what I have noticed is some of the people I was following started spamming. Well okay what I thought were great people and automatically followed turned out to be total duds. To tell you the truth I don’t follow any of the big names. The media Guru’s they are predictable and in my humble opinion boring. Self entitlement is unattractive in my books.

So lately I actually spend about an hour or so removing followers rather than adding them. You are probably saying I am wasting too much time thinking about my follow strategy… Maybe I am. But for every “great” person I follow the better my chances are to making Twitter a dialogue and not a monologue. I hope you find some great people in this weeks Follow Friday.

@MichaelHartzell I really enjoy his comments & posts. One day I was surfing the net & noticed his posts on his blog “Never Forget: Knowledge Empowers so Learn & Teach. Did I mention he is a great writer?
@AlanHowarth A great follow from the UK. A talented photographer I enjoy his posts, links, and conversation.
@AuctionDirect Okay you may be thinking car salesman on Twitter? There is more to this guy than cars… He is engaging, smart and always ready to join in the conversation.
@naomimimi A very creative writer, who is not afraid to speak her mind. I have enjoyed reading her posts and her links. If you want spontaneous then you must follow Naomi.
@knealemann This is a great guy to follow I should know I spoke with him. As a Marketing and Media Strategist he is extremely knowledgeable, and very passionate about helping you succeed. An idea man, who is not afraid to share his thoughts. Check out his blog… see for yourself.
@kristofcreative Here is a man who is not afraid to share great links. “I eat SEO for breakfast” is something I enjoy about him. A definite SEO geek.
@mayhemstudios A funny fresh follow for sure. Always has great design links, a great list of followers and of course all around nice guy. He definitely doesn’t need my recommendations just take a look at his followers.
@AndyWendt A wise man with loads of great links. I enjoy his links, conversation and information. Oo did I mention I like what he writes and how he writes.
@SEO_Web_Design You are probably thinking Ohh lord not another SEO geek? Yeah that’s him a sweet guy who is always ready to share & listen. A true Gen-Y with a great attitude.
@sillycows Two great gals from the UK. Not sure who I am talking to most of the times but it doesn’t matter. They are both very funny, creative, mooo girls.
@JeffHurt You want to know about non-profit? Well then Jeff is the guy… has great insight, very smart & always has great links to share.
@sethjenks A Young hip designer. Always has nice things to say, is very engaging talented and believe it or not knowledgeable.
DerekShowerman Here is someone I definitely recommend. Smart, creative thinker and a witty writer. Needles to say he is a great Social media strategist with great insight.
@toddvo What a great artist he is. I enjoy the links he shares and his artistic perspectives. Great follow if you are into design or just want to get inspired.
@LandinPageDzner I have to tell you it’s not easy designing landing pages. He is very good at what he does. Great links & info. There is no doubt he is a landing page design inspiration, optimization, testing ideas and ready to try them all out for you.

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